sewer scope inspection

Sewer Scope Inspections

Whether looking to purchase an existing home or a newly constructed home, a sewer scope inspection is a highly recommended add-on service for both our City of Chicago and suburban inspection clients.

A scope inspection of sewer line is a video inspection performed with a flexible borescope camera accessed through a waste line clean out or other entry point to detect any issues with the sewer line. Issues such as clogs, cracks, or breaks, that could be costly to repair will be visible during the inspection. The experienced inspector is looking for any blockages that might be interfering with proper drainage of the plumbing system. This may include things like cracks, damage to the sewer lines, or roots growing through pipes.

During the inspection, the camera captures video footage of the inside of the sewer line, which is being viewed in real-time by the inspector. The footage is recorded, saved and used to create a report detailing any issues found during the inspection.

If any of these issues are found during the inspection, the home buyer can use the report to make an informed decision about repairs or replacement of the sewer line. Finding these potential  issues early in the purchase process can be useful when negotiating repairs or a lower purchase price with the seller.

With information from the video inspection, you proactively can take steps to prevent future sewer backups, leaks, or other problems. As the property buyer, you are able to address issues before more serious and potentially very costly problems occur.

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