Home Inspection Services in Chicago, IL

What is Home Inspection Services?

Our home inspection services are an excellent educational opportunity to learn as much information as possible about the background and condition of the property.
At Real Inspection Experts we fine that each home is unique and has its own appeal. Whether you are purchasing a starter home, a second home or an investment property, our standard residential single family home inspection provides an objective assessment of the condition of the property you are considering purchasing. Our dedicated team inspectors, with years of experience, will share their abundance of knowledge. Each house is unique and has its distinct appeal. Whether inspecting an existing 100-year-old home or new construction, our thorough inspection, includes a completed checklist of the building exterior, roof, attic, foundation, electrical systems, plumbing, heating, and cooling, interior and exterior elements, basements/crawl spaces, and major appliances.

Home Inspection Services in Chicago IL

Here’s a summary of crucial reasons why a home inspection services is essential:

  1. Negotiating Leverage and Exit Opportunity: A home inspection can reveal defects or necessary repairs in a home, providing leverage to negotiate the purchase contract. This can lead to a price reduction, repair credit, or even the option to back out of the sale if significant issues are found.
  2. Safety and Health Risks: Inspections help identify potential safety hazards like faulty electrical wiring or dangerous radon levels, which are crucial for ensuring the safety of the residents.
  3. Uncovering Hidden Issues: Inspectors are trained to spot problems that may not be immediately noticeable to the untrained eye, such as pest infestations, HVAC problems, and structural defects.
  4. Cost Savings and Financial Planning: Inspections often uncover issues that, if unaddressed, could lead to more significant and costly problems. The average home inspection cost can be far less than the potential repairs it identifies.
  5. Informed Decision Making: A home inspection provides a comprehensive report on the home’s condition, allowing buyers to make educated decisions and plan for future repairs or replacements.
  6. Comprehensive Evaluation: A home inspector evaluates all systems simultaneously, offering a more thorough and cost-effective assessment than hiring separate experts for each system.
  7. Seller’s Advantage: For sellers, a pre-listing inspection can reveal defects to address before putting the home on the market, helping to price the home accurately and competitively.
  8. Understanding Property Condition: For buyers and sellers, an inspection provides a detailed understanding of the property’s condition, including the age and expected lifespan of various components. contact us now at 847-908-5236

What We Do When Providing Home Inspection Services

At Real Inspection Experts, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive home inspection services that cover each aspect of your property. Our services include standard home inspections, where we meticulously examine both the interior and exterior of your home. Our checklist covers essential areas such as the attic, plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC, and structural integrity, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

We take pride in our team of professionally trained and state licensed inspectorsAt Real Inspection Experts, we offer decades of experience and work to bring the highest level of professionalism to our industry.

Booking an Inspection: Scheduling an inspection with us is a seamless process. We understand the importance of timing, especially when you’ve just had your offer on a house accepted. We recommend booking as soon as possible to facilitate timely negotiations with the seller, based on our findings.

Post-Inspection Report and Negotiations:  Within 24 hours after the property inspection you will receive, via email, a non-biased extensive color-coded inspection report that is easy to read and understand. With clear pictures and illustrations, the report is web-based for easy viewing even on mobile devices. The report includes a thorough explanation of any areas of concern. The report also includes a feature to add repair estimates to assist in ongoing negotiations for repairs or a lower purchase price. If the inspection reveals issues with the property, the home buyer may be able to negotiate repairs or even a lower purchase price with the seller.

At Real Inspection Experts, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted name in home inspection services. Our approach is based on rigorous standards, comprehensive service offerings, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you can count on us for an unbiased, thorough inspection of your property.

Why Choose Us

At Real Inspection Experts, the goal of our property inspection services and the property inspection report is to provide you with peace of mind. Our inspector aims to support you with an informed decision about purchasing the property by obtaining clear insights into potential risks and costs associated with purchasing and maintaining the property. 


Inspection services involve the systematic examination of products, processes, facilities, or systems by qualified professionals. These services aim to ensure that everything meets certain standards for quality, safety, and compliance with regulations. In various sectors like manufacturing, government, and construction, inspections are vital for quality control and regulatory compliance

The nature of inspection and appraisal is evaluative and investigative, focusing on assessing compliance, quality, safety, and adherence to regulations or standards. The purpose is to ensure that products, processes, or systems are up to specified standards, thus safeguarding public safety, maintaining quality, and preventing legal or regulatory issues

  • Manufacturing Inspections: Essential for quality control in manufacturing, involving the assessment of product features against specified standards.
  • Government Inspections: Conducted by authorities to ensure compliance with regulations in various public sectors.
  • Construction and Building Inspections: Focused on ensuring that construction projects meet building codes, ordinances, and contract specifications

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