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A commercial building inspection is a crucial step when leasing or buying commercial real estate. The primary purpose our inspections are to evaluate the property’s overall condition, identify obvious safety concerns and recommend any necessary repairs. Our inspection process will help you to ensure that you, as an investor or business owner, understand the full scope of what you’re investing in. It can also assist in negotiations and your decision-making.

Commercial properties cover a range of building types, such as office spaces, retail buildings, multi-family dwellings, and various other structures like warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Inspections for these properties are comprehensive, covering multiple aspects:

Commercial Building Inspection Northbrook IL
  1. Exterior Inspection: This includes examining the structural integrity of the foundation and outer walls. This might include chimneys, roofs, parking lots, and landscaping. Inspectors assess the condition of these elements and identify any issues and recommend necessary repairs.
  2. Interior Inspection:  Our inspectors will evaluate the building’s interior, including floors, walls, office spaces, and common areas. Again assessing the condition of these elements and looking to identify any issues. These parts of an inspection are essential to ensure occupant health and safety.
  3. Major Systems Inspection: The inspection thoroughly checks the building’s mechanical, heating, electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning systems. Fire safety systems and alarms are noted and recommended for review.

Our inspection process is conducted by licensed professionals with years of experience. They are qualified to identify defects and provide comprehensive reports, including repair recommendations. Our reporting can be crucial as it will clearly show the property’s condition. These reports can significantly influence the negotiation process.

Using a digital based inspection reporting process impacts our efficiency and thoroughness. Using digital reporting tools has streamlined our inspection process and provides more detailed and accessible reports.

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What We Do: Commercial Building Inspection in Northbrook, IL

At Real Inspection Experts, we strive to offer the highest standards and practices established. This goal is crucial for us at Real Inspection Experts, as it underpins the quality and reliability of our work, ensuring our clients receive the best services available.

A typical commercial building inspection includes several key components:

  • Complete Assessment of the Property: Our inspection involves a comprehensive on-site visual examination of the property’s condition. We focus on critical systems and components like the structural foundation, the heating and ventilation systems, plumbing, electrical systems, roofing, exterior elements. We also focus on the attic areas and interior spaces.
  • Safety Concerns: Our inspection process also involves noting potential safety concerns that may be present on the property. These may include identifying the possibility of asbestos, lead paint or mold. It could also include stairway concerns or fire suppression safety.
  • Inspection Report: The comprehensive inspection will provide a detailed report summarizing the findings from our inspection. This report overviews the property’s condition, highlighting strengths, potential deficiencies, and maintenance issues.

Why Choose Us?

At Real Inspection Experts, we understand the critical importance of commercial building inspections. Our approach focuses on identifying the structural integrity, safety, and overall condition of properties. We’re dedicated to identifying potential issues early and helping to prevent them from escalating into future costly problems.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Comprehensive Inspections: We cover many inspection points, including safety hazards, maintenance issues, pest infestations, structural problems, and environmental concerns. Our thorough evaluations ensure that every aspect of your property is checked for potential problems.
  2. Expertise and Experience: Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced inspectors. We have an in-depth understanding of building construction, regulations, and industry standards. This expertise enables us to conduct thorough assessments, identify hidden issues, and provide valuable insights and recommendations.
  3. Tailored Service: We recognize that every commercial property is unique. Therefore, we offer customized inspections tailored to meet each property’s specific needs. This ensures that our clients receive the most relevant and efficient service possible.
  4. Commitment to Quality: At Real Inspection Experts, we are committed to providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Within 24 hours after the inspection, we send, via email, an extensive color-coded inspection report that is easy to read and understand. With clear pictures and illustrations, the report is web-based for easy viewing, even on mobile devices. The report includes a thorough explanation of any areas of concern. The report also includes a feature to add repair estimates to assist in ongoing negotiations for repairs or a lower purchase price. If the inspection reveals issues with the property, the property buyer may be able to negotiate repairs or a lower purchase price with the seller.
  5. Client-Centric Approach: We value our clients’ feedback and experiences. Our past clients ‘ positive testimonials and case studies build trust and credibility, showcasing how our inspections have helped them avoid costly repairs, maintain property value, and improve safety.
  6. Regulatory Compliance and Safety: Ensuring compliance with local and state regulations and maintaining the safety and well-being of building occupants is a priority for us. Our inspections play a vital role in ensuring your property meets all necessary standards.

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